Give a helping hand to those who really need it!

To improve the lives of disadvantaged people in Maasai Mara through social transformation and economic empowerment

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle" ~ James Keller

About Maasai Child Fund

Maasai Child Fund is a community-based organization started with the aim of improving the well-being of disadvantaged children and families in the vast Maasai Mara location. It is geared towards bringing positive impacts on the lives of vulnerable children and their communities. Children need education and equality to thrive.


An improved wellbeing for the needy children and Poor families in the vast Maasai mara


To improve the life of disadvantaged people in Maasai mara through social transformation and economic empowerment


  • 1.Partnership and teamwork to realize our vision and mission
  • 2.Transparency and accountability in our actions and conduct
  • 3.Love and care for all
  • 4.Equity.Fairness and equal opportunities
  • 5.Trust in God and our partners
  • 6.Strong believe in socioeconomic transformation
  • 7.Responsiveness
  • 8.Voluntary and community services

The History of Maasai

The Maasai tribe originated from north of lake Turkana in the lower Nile valley.They begin migrating south in the 15th century and arrived in the long trunk of land stretching across central Tanzania and northern Kenya during the 17th century and 18th century.The Maasai reached its most dominant size in the 19th century when they covered most of the great rift valley and adjacent lands from Dodoma and Marsabit.


Social services

Sponsorship for the needy and vulnerable children in the Maasai Mara community. Oseki Maasai Mara camp as one of the pioneers of this program provides 20% of its

Economic empowerment

Our economic empmpowerment program place women and youth at the centre.Local women has been denied autonomy for long.

Capacity building

Our program aims at developing and strengthening the skills and abilities of the community through periodicals training in entrepreneurship skills

Where we work

Vast Maasai Mara and beyond

Local primary and secondary schools

Oseki Maasai mara camp

A Message of Appreciation

We are Grateful

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